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Call for artists

Kunstraum SUBURBIA 2014

This call is open to artists who work at the interface between performance, video and all visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture). We are looking for exhibition concepts and artists that explore  the context of contemporary fine art.  This call includes no media restrictions - installation-based, sculptural, multimedia or performative works are all welcome.

Closing date for applications
April 11st, 2014

Application documents
- Exhibition concept (pictures and text max. two pages A4)
- Documentation of artistic work
- CV
- Contact details

By mail or in digital form
urbanfarm -Kunstraum SUBURBIA
Herderstrasse 46/12
4060 Leonding/Austria
Documents will not be returned!

Duration exhibition: 3 weeks
Possible periods: April - October 2014
There is a € 300 -. all-in budget per exhibition.
This budget includes only costs for equipment and catering.

Kunstraum SUBURBIA will provide technical and curatorial support plus advertising and announcement for the exhibition.

Kunstraum SUBURBIA
With roughly 240m2 in the city suburbs of Leonding, 2014 to be launched through urbanfarm , a new exhibition series in a specially adapted room art SUBURBIA . Here, artists from different fields to work together in idea and philosophy and common play in the space . The topics for the first four exhibition projects that are planned for 2014 , the Board is of urban farm before as a framework for individual projects within which then - may develop different ideas , collaborations and results - through the exchange of various contributors .

It is thereby important to conduct a careful , dedicated and equally critical art that deals with its environment and with current issues and certainly provide food for thought and may raise questions .

The name of Suburbia stands for the position of space - and also the association urbanfarm itself - offside respective centers of Linz and Leon thing. In this district , where there are otherwise very rare Art undKulturangebot , we want to give through the initiation and stimulation of a space for art on the spot , away from the center, pulses and address the environment through new opportunities.

Suburbia is located in a big old barn with an open , high roof and now offers a wide , open space that can be attached to a specific function and therefore play on interesting and often can convert .

urbanfarm Büro für Kultur und Kommunikation